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Topographic Diagrams

The Topographic Diagram or more correctly the Topographic Study has as its object the measurement of the physical space and the existing technical works and their depiction on a plan.

The Topographic Study is the basis for any other engineering study and the first time work required before the construction of any technical project.

Topographic Diagrams are necessary among others:

  • for the issuance of a Building Permit for the purpose of building
  • construction, adding floors, demolition, etc.
  • in notarial deeds (sales, parental benefit, living donation, etc.)
  • in the arrangements of arbitrary constructions (under conditions)
  • in horizontal or vertical property recommendations
  • in expertise for judicial use
  • for property delimitations, for distribution between co-owners
  • for spatial changes in the Land Registry

The existence of a modern Topographic Diagram (Topographic Diagram with EGSA’87 coordinates or dependent Topographic Diagram) adds value to the property as in addition to the correct calculation of its area, it investigates whether the property is complete and buildable.

In addition, it includes finding the position of the property in relation to the State Reference System, through -mostly- satellite methods, a process that defines the position of the property in Greece in a unique way, securing it against claims by third parties.

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