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Construction Design Studies

The cornerstone of the construction of a new construction project and in particular a residential, office or shop building is the Design of the project. The term Project Design means the design of the new building within the plot or land in such a way that its location and its dimensions are in accordance with the current legislation, to be functional, safe, elegant, harmonized with the environment (natural or built ) in which it fits, while taking care of the economy of the project and the desire of the client.

The study is a complex process and includes individual studies, such as topographic surveying, architectural composition, static and seismic adequacy, completeness of electromechanical installations, "green" energy planning, etc.

The modern era requires environmentally friendly constructions with zero energy footprint that will meet the needs of its users.
Framed by a network of specialized partners of all specialties and having knowledge of the rules of art and science, our office is able with its experience and diligence to fulfill the above objectives and design buildings perfectly tailored to the needs of the client.

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