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Small-Scale Work Permits

Small-Scale Work Permits are granted by the construction services, in order to perform construction works which, as a rule, do not create a new structured surface, but constitute technical work and require technical supervision and security measures for which a Supervising Engineer is appointed.

The approval of small-scale works is required for a number of works, which include, among others, the extensive change of interior layouts, the installation of prefabricated houses, the cutting of trees, the exterior painting works, the cladding of the facades of a building, the construction of a pergola, fencing rough construction, merger and separation of properties etc.


Now, the Small-Scale Works Approvals are automatically issued by the electronic e-adeies system, after first submitting under the responsibility of the engineer, all the legally necessary supporting documents, studies and data. These include the application of the owner, the technical report of the engineer with the description of the works, photos of the property and if the approvals of the competent bodies are required and the consent of the co-owners of the property (in case of an apartment building). Of course, in order to approve small-scale works, the ownership must be registered in the Land Registry and be legally existing.

These approvals are valid for one (1) year from their issuance, with the possibility of extending the validity period by another one (1) year.

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