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Renovations and Repairs of Existing Buildings

Every building or apartment, no matter how carefully and meticulously constructed, requires, at regular intervals, maintenance and repair work. These works are simple and economical in the first years of operation. However, as the age of the building increases, as the requirements of the users differ, as the usual maintenance works are neglected and as some elements of it run out of time, the necessity of renovations and repairs becomes imperative.

The average age of buildings in our country exceeds 60 years, not counting the listed buildings, which are much older. The majority of these buildings, having largely demonstrated Static and Building adequacy, should not be withdrawn, mainly for financial reasons.

On the contrary, a building or apartment of 50 or more years, with a well-thought-out and complete program of interventions, on a small or even larger scale, with the use of new materials and techniques, and with "smart" upgrades, can meet modern structural needs in a completely competitive way both economically and operationally with a construction from the beginning.

Understanding the wishes of the owner, taking care of meeting his needs and proposing innovative ideas are key components, which in combination with the knowledge and experience of the Engineer, lead to a perfect technical result which is fully acceptable in the context of of the financial burden.

To renovate or repair an existing building, the steps are as follows:

  • Discussion with the user and understand the needs of the building or apartment
  • Autopsy and site inspection
  • Capture and design the current situation
  • Renovation study and presentation of proposals
  • Budgeting the required work
  • Issuance of the appropriate Building Permit or Approval of Small Scale Works (if required)
  • Supervision of works and coordination of technical staff
  • Project delivery

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