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Certificates of Legality of Real Estates

An Engineer's Certificate is required for the preparation of any notarial deed alive (excluding Inheritance Receipts) that has as its object the transfer of a right on real estate.

There are 3 types of certificates:

This certificate is issued for properties in which there is no building or other technical work.


The issuance of the certificate requires:

  • Property Acquisition Contract
  • Details of all owners
  • Engineer autopsy

This certificate can apply to either a plot of land with a building inside it or an independent divided property (apartment). In this case, a check must be made if the current condition of the property is in accordance with the plans of the Building Permit of the property.


The issuance of this certificate requires:

  • Building Permit Officer
  • Approved plans of the property that accompany the Building Permit (Topographic Diagram, Coverage Diagram, Floor Plan, Section) *
  • Property Acquisition Contract
  • Details of all owners
  • Engineer autopsy

* In case the owner does not have the approved plans, they should be searched in the file of the competent Urban Planning. In order to find the file of the Real Estate Permit, it is necessary to have the Executive of the Building Permit or at least a Contract that concerns the real estate or the divided property.

If from the autopsy it is found that all the details of the property are in full agreement with the approved plans of the Building Permit, then the relevant certificate is issued. If it is found that the plans of the License have not been complied with and there are arbitrary violations, they must first be regulated/legalized.

If there are arbitrary constructions or uses in the property, which have been regulated / legalized in the past and the issuance of a relevant certificate is required, a combined inspection of both the Building Permit and the Arbitrary Structures should be performed and of course an autopsy should be performed by the Engineer.

Once it has been established that the arbitrary constructions in relation to the Building Permit that are identified based on the autopsy, have been included in the Arbitrary Constructions Regulation and that the latter has been completed correctly, then the requested certificate can be issued.

It is noted that all certificates are valid for two (2) months from the date of issue.

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