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Impression of Buildings and Apartments

The term Impression of a building or an apartment means the depiction of a space in an architectural plan, as it is built (as-built).

In several cases (due to the loss of the approved plans by the Town Planning, due to a change in the layout of the apartment, etc.) an updated floor plan of a space is requested, in which the property is depicted exactly as it is today.

The production of this plan requires an autopsy in the area where meticulous measurements of the existing situation are made with the ultimate goal of producing the plan of the Floor Plan or Section.

The process of imprinting is included in the other services of the Engineer, such as the Regulation of Arbitrary Constructions, the issuance of an Addendum Permit (by extension or in height), the Approval of Small Scale Works, etc., but it can also be an independent object.

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