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Building Permits

Building Permit is the administrative act that allows the execution of construction work on a plot or field.

The construction works for which the issuance of a Building Permit is required are usually the following:

  • Erection, addition and repair of buildings
  • Demolition of structures
  • Excavations or embankments as well as paving, landscaping of plots and fields
  • Change of use
  • Construction of walls and fences
  • Other works, with a total budget of over twenty five thousand (25,000) euros, per horizontal or vertical property

In order to perform any of the above works, the Responsible Engineer of the project is required, first to gather all the plans and Studies required by law and to submit them to the competent Building Service with a request for the issuance of a Building Permit.
After control by the competent service, the relevant permit is issued and only then can the construction work begin which must be exactly those described in the Study of the Permit. The issued Permit is valid for four or six years, depending on the size of the building.

Generally, the file of a Building Permit includes application of the owners, the statements of assignment by the owner and undertaking by the Engineer, all the required studies (Topographic Diagram, Architectural study, Static study, study of Electromechanical Installations, study of Energy. etc.), approvals of other bodies (Archeology, Forestry, etc.) where required, the documents of payment of contributions (EFKA, Municipality, etc.) and the documents of deposit of engineers' fees.

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