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Supervisions and Building of Construction Works

Having completed the Study of a construction project and after the issuance of the required Building Permit, the construction stage of the project follows.

The main objectives of the Engineer who supervises and constructs the project are the following:

  • The implementation of the approved Design, in full identification with the Building Permit
  • The organization of the construction site for the smooth and safe conduct of construction work
  • Providing clear instructions to workshops and prompt resolution of any temporary problems
  • The completion of the work in an acceptable time
  • The best possible relationship between financial costs and quality of construction

The full coordination of all the above components requires increased qualifications and skills on the part of the Supervising Engineer, who must make the most of the knowledge and experience of his colleagues, the skills and performance of the technical staff, in combination with the adequacy of available financial resources.

Our office experience in construction ensures the coverage of all the above, provides a sense of security and trust to the customer and leads to the best result.

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