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Land Registry

According to law 2308/95, as amended and in force, the creation of a National Land Registry was legislated, ie the recording of all properties in the Greek territory and the registration of its owners. The Cadastral system replaces and modernizes the Mortgage Office system, changing the information from person-centered to cadastral.
The existence of a National Land Registry is a basic condition for the development of the country as it clearly separates the public from the private property, and defines the boundaries between all the properties, securing the legal owner.

At this time, the process of creating the Greek Land Registry is in full swing with 30% of the Greek territory already completed, 63% under Cadastre and 7% expected to begin this process soon.

The process of creating a Land Registry in each area is briefly described in the following stages:

  1. Declaration of an area under Cadastral
  2. Submission of property declaration by the owners
  3. Processing of the declarations by the Cadastral Office
  4. Pre-posting - Posting of cadastral data
  5. Post Control by Owners - Submit correction or objection requests (if required)
  6. Judgment of objections by 3-member committees
  7. Correction of the Post based on the decisions on the objections
  8. Expiry of Cadastre - Operation of Cadastral Office

The active participation of the owner in the Cadastral process and the close monitoring of all stages ensures the correct registration of his property in the Land Registry and ensures him from costly and time consuming correction procedures at a later time.

Our Office, fully adapted to this spirit, is able to help and guide the correct recording of the real estate of its clients, to correct any errors in the depiction of the property and thus contribute to its documentation.

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