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Arbitrary Structures Arrangements

When in a property (site/plot/apartment) there are arbitrary constructions or arbitrary uses, according to the current legislation, this property cannot be transferred (sale, parental benefit, etc.) and no Building Permit can be issued for this property (for adding floors / repair / renovation etc).

The arbitrariness can be constructions that are completely arbitrary for which a Building Permit was never issued by the competent Urban Planning or they have been constructed in derogation from the plans of the Permit (closure of a semi-outdoor, veranda, extension of a building, etc.).


In these cases and in order for the arbitrary construction not to be deemed demolishable, the owner can proceed to the Arbitrary Construction Adjustment.

The adjustment process includes the following steps:

  • Finding the approved plans of the Building Permit of the property (if a permit has been issued)
  • Study of the notarial titles that concern the property
  • Investigation of the building conditions, the zone price and other data for the area that the property belongs to
  • Autopsy on the property and detailed recording of the existing constructions arbitrary and non-arbitrary
  • Determination of urban violations and Calculation of the fine for their regulation
  • Payment of fee and inclusion in the current law on Arrangement of arbitrary constructions and then payment of the remaining fine
  • Preparation of all the required by law Plans, Reports and Studies by the Engineer and posting them on the Electronic Platform of the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E.)
  • End of the process

Upon completion of the above procedure, the property is considered regulated / settled for a period of time defined by the provisions of applicable law and depends on the type of arbitrariness. A Certificate of Legality of the property can then be issued by the Engineer, so that it can be transferred or built further.

Arrangement of arbitrary constructions is a process with serious legal consequences, which if not performed correctly and completely by the Engineer, creates additional problems in the property.

The careful and thorough work on the part of the Engineer is very important in the specific projects and must be treated with due care.

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